Monday, April 12, 2004

Atkins Sucks

I hate the 'new' Atkins craze, mainly because 1) it's far from 'new', 2) makes claims that are not backed up by current research and 3) the ads are simply annoying. But regarding research, the above 'study' is funny because there was a difference @ 6 months, but of course @ 1 year no difference existed. Did the Atkins people forget that? Probably came from the same guy that said Atkins gained 65 pounds from fluid resuscitation after his fall.

It's rather simple: consume less calories than burn and you will not gain weight. Where those calories come from are usually of little concern; as long as you burn them off they will not be stored as fat. Of course, if you are predisposed to heart disease, etc then eating high-fat diets is not a great idea (not a great idea for anyone considering atherosclerosis is a huge cause of hypertension). But the essential point is burn more than you consume.

As my girlfriend says, "I don't trust a diet where you can eat as much bacon and lard as you want, but fruits and veggies are considered off limits." Exactly.