Thursday, April 29, 2004

Gore Gives Money To Kerry As Opposed To Starving Kids

Via Luskin we have this little tidbit regarding a $6 million donation by Gore to Kerry (technically it's to the Democratic Party, but you get the idea). It was leftover money from his unsuccessful bid in 2000.

"Under campaign finance rules, he could also have given the money to a charity."

Now, this is certainly legal. But is it conscionable? Gore stored up some TAXPAYER dollars, let it sit for a few years, and then decided to hand it over to Kerry in his bid for the presidency. Would I be upset if Gore was donating his OWN money? Of course not, that would be his free choice. However, when presented with two options, 1) giving TAXPAYER dollars to Kerry, or 2) giving TAXPAYER dollars to needy children, starving adults, or another worthy charity, Gore went with the former.

This is the compassionate party? The party of the underdog? Tell it to the kids at the Ronald McDonald house.