Thursday, April 08, 2004

Hans Blix: Nobel Peace Prize Winner

For me, the war on Iraq was more than part of the WOT, more than about possible nukes, more than about fixing our past implantation of that bastard, and more than about implanting Democracy in the Middle East. It was all of those things combined, plus a little f--k you to the rest of the world. After years of bowing to foreign pressure on everything from Kyoto (thank the Lord we didn't sign that one) to 'measured' responses when American interests abroad were attacked, we finally put the USA back on top.

Does this sound like patriotic flag waving? Yes. And I'm happy with that. All those other things were fine reasons as well, but earning back respect for the world's superpower after nuancing our way to chapped lips for over a decade was something I completely supported. And I have no misgivings, even with the high cost (money and human life, God Bless the Troops).

So, of course this statement by uberdouche Hans Blix doesn't sit well with me.

"The only positive point in this war is having gotten rid of a dictatorial regime which was covered in blood," he said.

That should've been it. Seriously, any moral person would say that, and nothing else. But of course, this follows:

"But the cost has been very high with all the lives lost, Americans and Iraqis, the destruction of the country and the emergence of terrorism in Iraq."

I'm sure the Iraqis love that. I mean, I can't tell you how many times I've heard Jewish friends say "You know, the only positive thing in WWII was getting rid of a fascist regime which was covered in blood, BUT the cost was rather high with all the lives lost, Americans, French, Germans, Brits, the destruction of countries and the emergence of terrorism in Iraq."

Hans Blix, wearing his appeasers badge with pride since 1884.