Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Procrastination Will Be The Death of Someone Else

As I attempt to study for an upcoming exam, my mind is far from pharmacology, histology and many other -ologies. It never fails; with a test around the corner I press on with less important activities such as blogging, cleaning house and staring at the trees. While this fault shows itself on a rather continuous basis with me, I was naive enough to believe medical school would punish that out of me. Point of fact though, it has not even come close. I still only study a few days before an exam. With boards coming up, I prefer the sound of Walter Beasley to the harsh text of First Aid. Sometimes I wonder if this will hurt me in the future (or rather, if it will hurt my patients in the future), which allows me to focus for another 5 minutes before quickly wisking myself away to the kitchen for non-existent delectables (remember, POOR medical student).

Now to the point: why do so many of us procrasinate? Do we only procrastinate those things forced upon us (whether forced by an outsider, or our own selves)? Arguably, most individuals can focus and get the job done when it is required. This leads into shoddy, last-minute work; the kind of work you are ashamed to turn in, choosing rather to blame it on a crying baby or a sick parent than accept the notion you merely put it off.

I'm sure we could come up with a thousand different reasons for 'why', all equally vapid as most excuses are. The point, however, is not to belittle the question of 'why', but rather to understand 'how'. 'How' do we get around it? 'How' do we deal with it so that it does not effect our lives in a large way? For some it's the lure of speed (a.k.a ritalin), which coincidentally also cures hyperactivity, etc. (If this blog goes long enough, my views on parents desiring complacent medication for their growing children will surely come out). For others it's the lure of completing a job; arguably the reasoning that most inclines me to work on the house, car, patient, etc. As I am sure there are many others, I am growing tired of this little rant.....