Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Human Nature

I should be studying, but there's only so much path I can take before requiring a break. Quick recap:

1) pictures were taken and used for PsyOps in Iraq

2) military performed an investigation dating back almost 5 months ago

3) 60 Minutes II attempts to 'break' the 'story' for a ratings boost, similar to spending an entire hour reading the names of dead American soldiers after claiming "we didn't know it was sweeps week".

4) big fukking zoo surrounding the entire 'story', including yet more vehement cries against the Bush Administration, and even a petition for Rumsfeld's firing (i'd link it, but nah, too stupid)

5) Kerry makes stupid comment number #45924, detailed in previous post

6) islamofascists, who after capturing Berg more than 3 weeks ago, decide to cash in on the american media feeding frenzy and decapitate a jew

7) media becomes silent about the killing of a jew in such a horrific fashion by islamists, but have no problem leading with yet more pictures detailing 'torture' by our troops (as a sidenote, i wasn't aware that embarrassing the hell out of people was considered torture; i always thought the term referred more to poking out an eye with a red hot poker, but good ol Dan Rather and the rest of the Moron Crew taught me something new)

I think that's sufficient, at least for my purposes. After reading this over at, I realized what many people simply do not. All of this crap, from the psyops to the 'outrage', is human nature. In fact, even the horrific murder of Mr. Berg is human nature. That's not the worst part though. What makes it bad is not that human nature would come through in spades during such times, but that individuals would attempt to assign moral relevancy to said actions.

What's my point? My point is the moral relevancy so rampant in the news, and in our culture, people actually think what is going on can be rationalized. Terrorists kill 3000 in 2001; moral relevancy says we deserved it for all we've done to the Middle East over the past 10, 100, 1000 years.

American soldiers are killed in Iraq and Afghanistan attempting to lay the first brick of a democratic region; moral relevancy says they all deserve to die for fighting a needless war (besides, they're all just babykillers anyways).

An American Jew gets decapitated, apparently in response to our mistreatment of Iraqi detainees [if you can logically come to that conclusion, even after knowing that Berg was kidnapped 3 weeks ago and the prison mistreatment was being investigated back in January, you are an idiot] but really more because 1) no reason was needed to kill him and 2) it provides great propaganda for the recruiting films, and what happens? Nothing. The story gets buried, or if it's mentioned, it is done in such poor taste as to place blame for the man's death with anyone but his murderers. Moral relevancy says Berg deserved to die because, after all, some soldiers did put female panties on the head of a prisoner in a psyop photo.

So how do we explain the same way in which Daniel Pearl was murdered a few year ago? Well, he deserved it because at the time, we were supporting Israel..or because we were funding [insert coup here]..or because [insert crackpot conspiracy theory here]. Unfortunately, someone will always be up to the task of playing this game. Human nature will produce tragedies, and individuals who believe they are above the fray will attempt to rationalize and invoke moral equivalence, regardless of how downright stupid they sound in the process.

And to all of you reading this (all 5 of you) who are saying "I would never take part in something like that", reread the link posted above. We are all capable, and we are all weak enough to do just what others before us have done.