Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Demonstrating How Stupid Some Leftists Are: Priceless

Via PoorandStupid.com, we have another account of stiffling of dissent in American schools

She then stated that while she could see that I had strong political convictions and that a small group of students would understand the signs, most of them were "rednecks" that wouldn't get the meaning and would only laugh at the mocking of Arabs.

Does the hypocrisy ever end? "Rednecks?" A sign can't have the word "Arab", which isn't a racial slur, but she can say "rednecks"?

Her response: "It isn't a racial slur, it's honesty!" Even though they both start with 'h' and end in 'y', "hypocrisy" does not equal "honesty". In fact, hypocrisy is a form of intellectual dis-honesty.