Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Moore In It For The Money

Like that's a big surprise. But seriously, this article here seals the deal.

"I hope the R rating doesn't have a large impact on the box office," Ortenberg said. "I've spoken with many parents, including some on the appeals board, who absolutely said they are going to take their children to see the film. We'll just have to hope the teenagers we're encouraging to see this picture find their way in through parents or adult guardians."

IFC Entertainment President Jonathan Sehring disagreed with the MPAA's ruling, adding: "But we do respect the process and appreciate that the MPAA listened with open minds to our appeal."

"As anyone who has read a paper, watched TV, surfed the web or chatted by a water cooler this week can attest, the interest in `Fahrenheit 9/11' has grown to mammoth proportions," Sehring went on. "It is a shame that `Fahrenheit 9/11' will become inaccessible to a segment of the American population to whom this film has a great deal of relevance."
Are you kidding me?! "...segment of the American population to whom this film has a great deal of relevance"?! Tell me, what exactly do 12 year olds know about this film? What do they know about the current war in the Middle East, the WOT? Hell, what do they even know about their own cities?

This entire facade, from the pseudo-disney scandal to some dipsh!t claiming the youngin's are missing out, demonstrates once and for all what drives Moore and his handlers: money.