Monday, June 28, 2004

More Bad Doctors

Over here is an interesting post about doctors taking larger sums of money from pharmaceutical companies, with the comment that:

So, this leaves me in a fix. I can either throw out the argument that conflict-of-interest doesn't necessarily mean harm to patients, or I can wait for new evidence that it does. Maybe I can conduct one of those corporate pseudo-studies to find out.

Or maybe all the proof I need is already out there -- written on a sheet of paper marked "Schedule A."
First off, I would state that there is, as of yet, little evidence that such practices harm patients (at least that I have come across).

Secondly, it takes two to tango, which physicians always seem to forget (it's called Ego and Narcissism, something inherent in most with the MD moniker). There would be no financial benefit for said companies to write these checks if there were not WILLING and UNETHICAL physicians willing to cash those checks. Period. Start @ the source: the doctors. If all doctors stopped accepting such bribes, guess what, the bribes would stop. Now, we could argue that the pharm companies would simply try to spend that money elsewhere (advertising, cruises, etc), but that's neither here nor there. If physicians were ethical, all of the time, the companies would have no choice but to spend the money on free samples and crappy commercials.

Please stop blaming the drug companies, they save more lives than physicians do.