Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Sure, Re-importation Is A Great Idea

Good Lord.

The Bush administration, once adamantly opposed to less expensive Canadian drugs, is softening its stance. Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson said he fully expects Congress to approve re-importation and added that he will encourage the President Bush not to oppose the legislation.

That's right folks, not content to sit by and watch those dern Canadians get cheaper drugs than our own seniors, the Bush administration has decided to jump on the re-importation bandwagon.

Let's amend the constitution so that no new laws can be enacted during an election year. Of course that would never happen, but it might help cut down on the sort of pandering the Bush administration is doing with this new stance.

Doesn't the Bush administration have an economic team? Hell, doesn't Bush himself have an MBA from Harvard? Does no one understand the implications of allowing re-importation of drugs from Canada? Let's review:

1. Canadian Gov't gets deals on drugs from American pharmaceutical companies based on negotiating (accepting a cheaper, outdated version of a drug available to Americans).

2. Americans piss and moan about paying more for a superior product, so the Bush admin. panders and decide that it's ok to allow re-importation.

3. Entrepreneurs notice an opportunity to make money --> setup shop and start re-importing drugs to the states.

4. Demand for re-imported drugs rises; supply goes down. Hmm....I guess that means prices go up, not to mention the little extra tacked on by the middle-man running the re-importation company.

5. Pharmaceutical companies in the US realize their margins are down, so less money is pumped into research; fewer new drugs come out; investors lose faith in the industry and stock prices fall.

6. Drugs become more expensive both in the US and Canada, with Canadians eventually paying more in taxes for their 'free healthcare'.

7. Moron 'activists' claim victory by simultaneously hurting 'Big Pharm', creating a middle-man market where one didn't exist before, and successfully keeping drug prices right where they were before.

8. Healthcare based on drug treatment takes a hit as the incentive to produce new drugs disappears. Lawyers make a fortune on lawsuits due to counterfeit drugs.

Seriously, does it take a rocket scientist to understand this entire thing is a bad idea? Let the market work itself out you retarded monkeys. And to those who say drugs cost too much here in the states, think about the cost of not having those drugs, or the cost of future drugs being fewer and far between.

Suffice it to say, 'Big Pharm' is not the problem here. The problem is those who somehow think they are entitled to the best healthcare and drug treatment on the planet, without having to pay for it.