Sunday, June 20, 2004

Tiger Woods

Alright, so Tiger makes birdie on his 72nd hole of the 104th US Open. What's the first thing Dickhead Miller and the rest of the crowing crew talk about? His 'major drought'. Are you sh!tting me?! There was only one person (Costas I believe) who was intellectually honest enough to say that Nicklaus went 12 majors without winning. Everyone else continues to talk about how his swing has left him, he can't putt, etc.

Charles Barkley said it best a few days ago on ESPN radio with Dan Patrick, "Just ignore them."


Johnny Miller: 25 tournaments wins, including 2 majors
Tiger Woods: 54 tournaments wins, 8 majors

Tiger is 28 years old. Johnny Miller was 46 when he won his last tourney. If Tiger wins just three tourneys a year until he's 46, he'll have won four times as many as did Johnny.

He's already won four times as many majors.