Thursday, August 12, 2004

Bias In Medicine?

So, overheard in conversation between faculty and r2 yesterday was the following interesting political view (slightly paraphrased as my memory allows):

Patient complaining of not getting medical care, when asked who she would vote for, said she wanted to vote for the most 'Godly' man; the man against homosexual marriages and such. It always amazes me, those who need the most help vote for those who have no plans to help them. They don't understand that if you vote for Republicans, you're voting to immediately cut health care service for the poor.

Wow. I didn't venture a response, as that would have been stupid. But suffice it to say, this isn't the first time I've heard such a response on the floor, nor will it be the last. Are people simply dense, or do they truly believe that Republicans are out to screw everyone but the super-riche? Where does such a misunderstanding come from? I refuse to believe that Michael Moore is responsible for the out-and-out lies that spew from regular individual's mouths when discussing politics, but I am at a loss of the true cause.

My guess is that individuals think that privatizing services == cutting services for the poor. Or that if the government doesn't perform the service, it's not a worthy service. Either of the above are quite stupid, in my opinion, but I strongly believe many individuals represent these views. So sad.

Leave comments if you have any ideas.