Saturday, September 06, 2008

Bill Maher: Unbelievable Douche

Following in the steps of my Kerry comment from years ago, Bill Maher earns the honors this month. If you haven't read his speech, just google it (I'm too lazy to find the link). Basically, he says the attacks on Obama as elitist stem from jealousy of a Magna Cum Laude Harvard Grad by Wal-Mart going rednecks.

Hmm...I remember when I was younger thinking of myself as 'above' others thanks to my education. I used to think my views were the only ones worth having. As I've matured, lived a little, I've learned that my views are still the only ones worth having I just don't need to be smug about it. I can respect those who think differently than me without resorting to ad hominem attacks.

Also, Liberals are far from the only intellectual olympians they make themselves out to be. There are plenty of smart individuals that despise liberal ideals, they just don't make themselves known openly due to hubris.

Lastly, how does Maher explain me supporting fiscally conservative, socially moderate, libertarianesque views when I've got multiple undergrad degrees (not magna cum laude, just cum laude :( ), an MD and board scores above the 90th percentile for my specialty? Am I just a confused, lost Democrat? Can someone forward me directions to the next meeting?