Saturday, September 06, 2008

Taxes are for the 'others'

Democratic hypocrisy.

Don't get me wrong; all politicians are hypocrites. They say whatever it takes to get elected, then work towards their own self interests. However, this points to a fascinating manner in which a Democrat (certainly not the first, last or only) argues for INCREASED taxation of the public to pay for poorly managed, government-run programs, but decides he wants to keep more of his money out of the tax bucket.

This reminds me of the "abortion is killing, unless the mom is 1) raped/victim of incest or 2) mom's health is in danger". Sorry, it's either killing or not. Either Rangel is for higher taxation of wealthy individuals to provide for government programs, or he's not. His actions point towards the latter, but his liberal rhetoric points towards the former. What is the cliche about judging a man by his actions?