Friday, September 26, 2008

Throw 'em all out

With the resultant politicization of the bailout, arguably one of the most important issues of the past decade, both parties have shown their true colors. It's not about the American economy, let alone the American people. It's about each side attempting to save face and score points leading up to the election. Shame on everyone involved, including both candidates. Shame on Bush for letting it happen.

Time to kick everyone out of Congress. Time to start fresh with new blood and new ideas. Time to invoke term limits on all members of the House and Senate. It's time to see real 'change', not just rhetoric.

These bozos better get back to the table and hammer out a deal that will 1) help liquidity, 2) give stabilization to the markets (the rest of the world needs to help as well, since as we know, as America goes so goes the world) and 3) NOT REWARD SPECULATORS, EXECUTIVES or any other asshole attempting to benefit from this meltdown. The only 'person' that should conceivably receive any 'return' on this investment should be the taxpayers. In effect, value the debt as low as possible so that 1) it creates almost an automatic return for investors (i.e. taxpayers) and 2) it creates a feasible market for these securities as banks attempt to place true value and buy accordingly.

It's time the government governed, but I'm too cynical to think lawmakers will ever do anything outside their own interests. Fukk I hate politics.