Thursday, October 02, 2008

End of the Democrats?

Quite a bit of pressure for Obama. With the polls strongly in his favor and only a few short weeks left, in all likelihood we will have a Democratic Congress and a Liberal President (don't fool yourself, he is further left than every other Democrat on every issue). When was the last time that happened? What were the results? Suffice it to say, with real problems in this country there is pressure on the worst rated Congress (Democrat controlled) in history to make something of the next four years. If not, I'd guess the amount of time they'll stay out of power following a failure would be counted in decades.

Hopefully the failure I believe is coming (in social and fiscal policies) will not morally and fiscally bankrupt this country. Not that Bush was the picture of fiscal conservatism, but a massive undertaking such as socialization of medical care (for only 7-10 million Americans), 'fixing' a broken Social Security System, 'fixing' a broken and already overfunded education system, and a return to 'progressive' tax systems spells 'DOOM' in my mind.

We shall see.