Thursday, October 23, 2008

Leave it to the Brits

In the above linked article, Britain has taken the first step in allowing human-animal embryo creation for recovery of stem cells. Disgusting, not to mention a waste of time. There are plenty of articles on pubmed detailing the benefits of using adult stem cells, while at the same time, a paucity of research supporting embryonic stem cell research as a means by which to cure Alzheimers and Cystic Fibrosis.

I especially love this part:

"The wide-ranging bill, which has been debated for months, would also allow "saviour siblings" -- children created as a close genetic match for a sick brother or sister so their genetic material can help treat them."

If you get sick, we'll just use your twin to help. Nevermind that we're artifically creating life for the benefit of 1 individual over another, while at the same time, encouraging the destruction of life to meld with an animal embryo. I wonder what happens if both siblings require help. Which one do you potentially sacrifice for the good of the other? Maybe we should create a backup for the backup.