Friday, October 17, 2008

Plumber Joe

First off, the fact that this man owes back taxes doesn't make him an 'average Joe', it puts him on the level of the Ways and Means Committe Chairman. Did I mention Rangel is a Democrat? Wonder if that's why Joe gets lambasted while Rangel goes on without a peep from Politico?

Secondly, as the plumber himself stated, he works under another and uses his bosses license. This is certainly not unheard of and there is no license requirement in Ohio to perform residential work (update: according to plumbers I've spoken with. Apparently, Toledo's gov't feels differently). Nice line of attack Obamamatons. I'm sure all those other plumbers and 'unlicensed', hard-working, blue collar voters just love what you're doing to Joe for asking a simple question.

Lastly, listen to what Joe said in the question. He didn't say he already makes over $250,000, thusly incurring the Obama tax hike now. He said Obama's tax hike would affect him when he goes (FUTURE TENSE) to purchase that small business. It's not even subtle, but then again, neither is the MSMs fawning over the Democrat's candidate.