Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Congratulations President Obama

A bit of a shock, but not entirely unexpected. Congratulations are due the Democratic party and President-Elect Obama. In what appears to be a clear mandate for 'change', here's hoping we see that 'post partisan' spirit we've heard so much about. I'd also like my tax cut as soon as possible, if not sooner.

For those that are disheartened by the direction our country appears to have taken, don't be. Things change every two years, so focus on coming up with substantive ideas for fixing the real problems of this country: tax inequality, bankrupt pension systems (most notable social security), ever-expanding government with emphasis on decreased efficiency (requires hiring of more people). These are the fundamental problems we must address going forward if we are to navigate the difficult economic and social pitfalls that lie ahead. If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. Start using that intellect for something besides tearing others down and we can push forward an agenda that doesn't merely take back power, but actually rebuilds the country into the dominant country the rest of the world still envisions it as.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Don't need ID to vote in Ohio

So, voted early for the election in Ohio and guess what, no ID was required. The options were:

1. Valid Ohio Driver's License
2. Last 4 of SSN
3. Copy of a bill demonstrating name and current address.

Yes, really. And in fact, I was asked for none of the above, simply had to check a box and put some numbers in for the SSN. So, if I can faslely register 1000s of names, then show up at different polling places to vote using the last 4 of the SSN I put on the registrations, I'm home free.

Well done Ohio, well done.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Leave it to the Brits

In the above linked article, Britain has taken the first step in allowing human-animal embryo creation for recovery of stem cells. Disgusting, not to mention a waste of time. There are plenty of articles on pubmed detailing the benefits of using adult stem cells, while at the same time, a paucity of research supporting embryonic stem cell research as a means by which to cure Alzheimers and Cystic Fibrosis.

I especially love this part:

"The wide-ranging bill, which has been debated for months, would also allow "saviour siblings" -- children created as a close genetic match for a sick brother or sister so their genetic material can help treat them."

If you get sick, we'll just use your twin to help. Nevermind that we're artifically creating life for the benefit of 1 individual over another, while at the same time, encouraging the destruction of life to meld with an animal embryo. I wonder what happens if both siblings require help. Which one do you potentially sacrifice for the good of the other? Maybe we should create a backup for the backup.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Oh, that Biden....

If you haven't seen already, Biden pulls a Biden (sorry, I'm too lazy to link). Basically, he stated that Obama will be 'tested' by an international crisis within 6 months of taking office. Congrats to Biden for speaking the obvious, and in doing so, explaining exactly why we shouldn't elect Obambi to the highest position of leadership in the free world.

Not only that, but Obambi demonstrated horrible judgment in picking Biden as his VP. Funny that that the other side screams about non-vetting of Palin, yet whole-heartedly feels Biden was any better.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Plumber Joe

First off, the fact that this man owes back taxes doesn't make him an 'average Joe', it puts him on the level of the Ways and Means Committe Chairman. Did I mention Rangel is a Democrat? Wonder if that's why Joe gets lambasted while Rangel goes on without a peep from Politico?

Secondly, as the plumber himself stated, he works under another and uses his bosses license. This is certainly not unheard of and there is no license requirement in Ohio to perform residential work (update: according to plumbers I've spoken with. Apparently, Toledo's gov't feels differently). Nice line of attack Obamamatons. I'm sure all those other plumbers and 'unlicensed', hard-working, blue collar voters just love what you're doing to Joe for asking a simple question.

Lastly, listen to what Joe said in the question. He didn't say he already makes over $250,000, thusly incurring the Obama tax hike now. He said Obama's tax hike would affect him when he goes (FUTURE TENSE) to purchase that small business. It's not even subtle, but then again, neither is the MSMs fawning over the Democrat's candidate.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

End of the Democrats?

Quite a bit of pressure for Obama. With the polls strongly in his favor and only a few short weeks left, in all likelihood we will have a Democratic Congress and a Liberal President (don't fool yourself, he is further left than every other Democrat on every issue). When was the last time that happened? What were the results? Suffice it to say, with real problems in this country there is pressure on the worst rated Congress (Democrat controlled) in history to make something of the next four years. If not, I'd guess the amount of time they'll stay out of power following a failure would be counted in decades.

Hopefully the failure I believe is coming (in social and fiscal policies) will not morally and fiscally bankrupt this country. Not that Bush was the picture of fiscal conservatism, but a massive undertaking such as socialization of medical care (for only 7-10 million Americans), 'fixing' a broken Social Security System, 'fixing' a broken and already overfunded education system, and a return to 'progressive' tax systems spells 'DOOM' in my mind.

We shall see.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Already priced in

So, there's lots of talk that we no longer need a 'rescue' or 'bailout' simply because the market has rebounded, hence Wall Street is fine. I think there is danger in this assumption that NO plan is needed from Washington. Firstly, I believe the market is pricing in an eventual bailout. As such, people are a little more confident buying in (especially at low prices when company values as a whole really have not changed).

Secondly, other countries are pumping in money and helping with the liquidity crisis to stave off worsening market downturns. Taken together, it's easy to see how the NYSE and other markets have rebounded at least partially since the sell off. Getting complacent and saying "we don't need anything" will only cause a worse selloff without hope of a quick turnaround.